How to stand out from other renters and get that home!

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Housing markets and rental trends tend to go hand-in-hand. As the real estate markets gain momentum, many Americans are choosing to rent instead of buy.

In this “high demand/low supply” market, we spoke with local realtor and longtime property manager Kira Mcrae about what you can do to set yourself apart from other potential tenants. Below are her comments…

-Email, Call & Text each agent/landlord. This is still a hot market, the agents are often busy and don’t returns calls and emails timely.

– Find out in advance where you can download their application and what else they require to secure the home.

-Keep a log of who you speak with and follow up.

-Show up early to open houses.

-Bring copies of paystubs/proof of income, copy of your current I.D. as well as your prefilled application just in case.

While there’s no guarantees, the above tips will make it easier for agents/landlords to assess your qualifications and hopefully into your next home!



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