We now offer pet insurance!

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If you’ve ever had a sick or injured pet, you know veterinarian bills can be substantial. Pet insurance is a fast-growing market that gives pet owners the quality coverage their pets need. From a routine checkup to emergency services companies like Hartville insurance offer well-designed coverage that’s easy to obtain. Only five questions needed to get a quote: 1.) Zip code,  2.) Dog or cat, 3.) Breed, 4.) Age , and 5.) Gender.

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Coverage available for:

  • Accidents/injury
  • Illness
  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Surgery
  • Vaccinations
  • Annual physicals
  • Flea prevention
  • Dental trauma
  • Some alternative therapies
  • And much more

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How to stand out from other renters and get that home!

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Housing markets and rental trends tend to go hand-in-hand. As the real estate markets gain momentum, many Americans are choosing to rent instead of buy.

In this “high demand/low supply” market, we spoke with local realtor and longtime property manager Kira Mcrae about what you can do to set yourself apart from other potential tenants. Below are her comments…

-Email, Call & Text each agent/landlord. This is still a hot market, the agents are often busy and don’t returns calls and emails timely.

– Find out in advance where you can download their application and what else they require to secure the home.

-Keep a log of who you speak with and follow up.

-Show up early to open houses.

-Bring copies of paystubs/proof of income, copy of your current I.D. as well as your prefilled application just in case.

While there’s no guarantees, the above tips will make it easier for agents/landlords to assess your qualifications and hopefully into your next home!



What would Chuck Norris do?




Does your insurance carrier offer a Wildfire Defense Program?

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With the recent wildfires in our state some homeowners actually received calls from there insurance carriers offering preventative help in protecting their homes.

Carriers like Safeco and Nationwide have a program called the “Wildfire Defense Program”. Under this program, the carrier employs a 3rd party like Wildfire Defense Systems Inc. (WDS) to assist with items like :

-Emergency Fuel Mitigation (removing overgrown vegetation, fuel tanks, trash etc.)

-Use of temporary sprinkler systems.

-Fire engine operations and/or application of fire blocking gel.

WDS and local firefighting resources work together to identify the properties that are most defensible and determine which steps should be used to protect enrolled homes from wildfire.

For more information about this program and whether your carrier offers it, talk to your agent or give us a call!


New distracted driving law- The do’s, the dont’s and your insurance.

Washington State Trooper Marcus Sanchez checks out a woman’s cellphone after pulling her over for driving with the phone up to her ear last November. The woman is showing up-to-date insurance information, stored on the phone, and was not cited because she said the conversation was on a speaker phone. (Ken Lambert/The Seattle Times)


As you’ve likely heard by now Washington recently passed a new “Distracted driving Law”.

Under this new law drivers who are deemed ” dangerously engaging in any activity not related to the task of driving that interferes with safely operating the vehicle” can be cited $99 as a secondary offense.

This new law has created a lot of confusion among drivers who want to now things like:

-Can I still enjoy my coffee during that grueling morning commute?

-Is eating still allowed while I drive?

-What if I groom myself  or apply makeup at a stop light?

-Can I drive with my dog on my lap?

The answer, as the law was written, is that you cannot be stopped for doing any of these things while driving.  The caveat to that is that if while participating in these activities you operate your vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner, you can be pulled over and cited.

Example: While sipping a hot cup of coffee you spill some in your lap and swerve into the lane next to you.  In this case you could be stopped for an illegal lane change as the primary offense and fined a minimum of $124. You would also likely be cited an additional $99 for distracted driving as the secondary offense.

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What hasn’t changed however is the states stance on things like texting and talking on your cell phone using your hands. This has been illegal for quite some time.

Aside from the fines, you also face potential increases in your insurance rates.   A distracted driving offense, unlike driving while texting violations, will be added to the drivers motor vehicle report or (MVR) . This report is commonly run 30-45 days prior to a drivers renewal date on his/her policy. Any new infractions are typically found here and and factored into the new rate the driver see’s at renewal time.

The moral of the story is if you can’t do it and stay fully focused on the road, don’t do it all.





Have you reserved your summer campground spot yet?

If not you better hurry.  Many popular places like Deception Pass State Park book out weeks in advance if you plan to stay during a weekend.   Although availability is spotty, you can still find desirable sites if your schedule is flexible or if you’re open to last minute cancellations.  Check out the Washington State Parks website for availability at your favorite camping destination!


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Did you know the worlds longest drivable beach is right in our own backyard?

Worlds Longest Beach

Spanning 28 miles in length, Long Beach WA is the longest drivable beach in the world.  It sits nestled along the southwest coast of Washington state just 165 miles south of Seattle WA and 115 miles northwest of Portland OR.


Kite Festival

With its fine beaches, local festivals, and pristine local parks like Cape Disappointment , Long Beach is a popular vacation destination for Washingtonian’s and Oregonians alike.


Cape Disappointment